: teaching philosophy :

I have enjoyed learning new things ever since I was a little girl. From crocheting stuffed animals and knitting a sweater when I was in the 6th grade to illustrating the literary club journal and sewing my prom dress in high school, I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, which led to my decision to pursue a career in graphic design. I loved my undergraduate experienced at The University of Cincinnati and was ready to enter the professional world to put what I had learned into practice.

I have a wide range of design skills in disciplines from business-to-business and corporate identity to publication design, advertising, point-of-purchase displays and retail marketing. In my career I went from designing 4-page brochures to 150+ page magazines to designing packaging displays for large pharmaceutical companies in national retail stores. I bring this experience into the classroom in order to give the students real world examples as well as being able to expose them to all of the wonderful opportunities that are available to them as they pursue a career in graphic design.

I feel it is very important to stay up to date with the latest design strategies and technologies and have made sure to attend workshops and conferences as often as I can. I think that it’s important to always stay on the learning track and not get behind. When I started teaching part-time at The University of Akron in 2002 I really appreciated the fact that I had so much to teach the students from my professional experiences and I found that it also provided me with opportunities to learn from the students as well. My recent experience in graduate school has enriched my design education even more, and has allowed me to purse my interests in interactive, motion and user experience design. These areas of design have also heavily influenced my research interests as many of my artifacts have been websites and iPad app prototypes.

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: student work :

Advanced Graphic Design

Corporate Identity

Typography 3

Typography 4

Advanced Vector

Advanced Raster


Make. Brand. Sell

Intermediate Computer