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The University of Akron Myers School of Art

Fall 2008

Long’s Horseradish Rebranding and in-store marketing materials
As part of a The One Club project, the students were challenged to re-design the logo, container and label for the Long’s Horseradish package. The students researched the product’s background and did in-store visits to make sure that their new product labels stood out from the rest of the competition on shelf.

Longs Rebranding

Fall 2008

Design a cover for the 2008 HOW Self-Promotion issue
Utilizing my relationship with the staff at HOW Magazine, I asked the students to design a cover for HOW Magazine’s Self-Promotion issue. They were provided with the masthead, fonts and template, and the covers were submitted to the HOW staff who judged them and picked 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. This project was fun for the students and allowed their work to be critiqued and commented on by professionals in the field.

Longs Rebranding

Fall 2009

Design a series of 3 posters for a music festival
The students were asked to come up with a music festival, give it a theme and then create posters to promote the festival.

The posters were designed under the following requirements:
1. Type dominant
2. Image dominant
3. 50/50 type and image

I always try to have my students come up with themes and copy as an added level of complexity to their projects.

Music Poster Series